The company Sapori di Bosco Molise is a family and working in the food sector since 2002.

The love for the land, respect for the forests and the passion for the niche products, they did so that he could create an attachment to our work more and more.
Flavors of Bosco Molise is a small company that with passion and tenacity is dedicated daily to production and processing of truffles, mushrooms, olive oil, vegetable creams and flavored oils.

The business idea comes mainly from the company's owner and his sons, which, from an initial passion for truffles and the search of the same, decided to realize the idea of ​​being able to let the world know the riches that our land It offers.
This desire was also stimulated by the strong presence both in the Molise region of this tuber, both from land rich in forests and fertile land, suitable places for the spontaneous emergence of the same. The Molise region in fact, occupies about 40% of the Italian harvest.

In addition to the transformation of truffles and porcini mushrooms, a large part of the production of our company, concerns the oil and vegetable creams. The products are prepared according to family tradition, without any industrial production process and without the addition of preservatives or colorants.

A line of natural products, made even tastier by 'extra virgin olive oil which enhances the flavor and authenticity. The careful attention to every single production step that allows the final product is excellent and able to keep all the flavor and texture of fresh product but, ensuring food security through the use of advanced machinery.

Flavors of Molise Bosco with its products wants to preserve and promote the quality of the fruits that their land offers.